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Level control Relays HNM, HNE

  • Control of one or two levels
  • Filling/emptying function
  • HNM resistive sensor
  • HNE digital sensor * obsolete

Product description

The control relays HNM and HNE are used for level control.

HNM: Used for conducting liquids. Measures levels with resistive sensors. The principle is based on measurement of the apparent resistance between two recessed electrodes. When this value is less than the limit value indicated at the front, the relay output changes over. To avoid electrolysing, AC is applied to the electrodes.

HNE: *Now obsolete* Controls the levels of non-conducting and conducting materials using input/output sensors (NPN, PNP) that detect high or low level. Green LED indicates supply voltage and yellow LED indicates active relay output. If the LEDs flash, this indicates incorrect setting.

A rotary switch on the front is used for selecting the measurement range and filling/emptying function. With another switch, the number of levels can be set (1 or 2) and the type of delay if the function position for 1 level has been selected. The positions of these switches are registered when the operating voltage is switched on. If the switch is in the wrong position, the relay will remain deactivated and the LEDs will flash to indicate incorrect setting. If the switch position is changed during operation, all LEDs begin to flash but the unit will continue to function normally with the function that was set at the most recent power connection. The LEDs return to normal function when the switch has been returned to its original position, which was set before the first power connection. Green LED (Un) indicates supply voltage OK. Yellow LED (R) indicates active relay output.



Articles Approvals Breaking capacity IP Class Connection IP Class Housing Material of body Output Power Consumption Pressure Range Max Sensor Cable Length Max Supply voltage Temperature Range From Temperature Range From Stock Temperature Range To Temperature Stocks To Time Delay On Crossing The Threshold Time Delay Start Weight
CE, CSA, RoHS, UL 5A, 250V AC/DC IP20 IP30 Relay 2 pole C/O 5 VA / 1.5 W 100 m 24-240V AC -20 °C -40 °C 50 °C 70 °C 0,1-5s 0,6 s 115 g
Polyamide 2 bar 80 °C 300 g


Control relay



Approvals CE, CSA, RoHS, UL
Breaking capacity 5A, 250V AC/DC
IP Class Connection IP20
IP Class Housing IP30
Output Relay 2 pole C/O
Power Consumption 5 VA / 1.5 W
Sensor Cable Length Max 100 m
Supply voltage 24-240V AC
Temperature Range From -20 °C
Temperature Range From Stock -40 °C
Temperature Range To 50 °C
Temperature Stocks To 70 °C
Time Delay On Crossing The Threshold 0,1-5s
Time Delay Start 0,6 s
Weight 115 g
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