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SLO output relay for A loads

Product description

The relays are used as an interface between control systems and ac loads. The relays can handle inductive loads without load current reduction, which makes them very suitable for connection to, for example, solenoid valves and contactors. The relays have no mechanical parts, which means very reliable application. The integrated interference protection provides reliable operation even in very demanding electrical environments. Thanks to interference protection, signal cables can be run alongside power cables on, for example, cable racks for more than 1.5 km without capacitive cross-talk affecting relays. The SLOP models are especially designed for connection to 2-wire sensors that produce leakage current. The relays are blind to leakage currents up to 3.0 mA. For forward/reverse control of ac motors, the SLO24TRA is used. The relay has a higher operating voltage and withstands regenerated voltages from motors.





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Approvals CE, UL
Input 1,4 kΩ
Input Voltage Nom 24
Leakage current 50 µA
Load Current AC max 3 A
Load Voltage AC max 265 V
Material PBT
Number of poles 1
Peak current 90 A (20ms) A
Power Consumption 15 mA
Power Consumption max 17 mA
Release Time 11 ms
Response Time 0,5 ms
Switching Voltage 16 V
Temperature range bearing, from -40 °C
Temperature range bearing, to 70 °C
Temperature range from -10 °C
Temperature range to 70 °C
Tripping voltage 14 V
Weight 40 g
Width 12,5 mm
Voltage Drop 1 V
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